Castle Gaming

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Castle Gaming was created in 2006 as a place where all gamers could come together and have a sense of community. Here at CG we stand firm in the belief that some of the best gamers exist right here in New York City and because of this CG was created. 

We stand for quality, truth & brutal opinions, tough competition and community.

  • Quality: The way we put our tournaments together is top notch. We are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience possible.
  • Truth & Brutal Opinions: Simply put we hold no punches. If the game sucks it sucks - we don't want to lie about it. 
  • Tough Competition: This is where great players are forged and the weak ones get better at their gaming skills.
  • New Technology: We love shiny things! It's important for us to check out new consoles, accessories, and games. We welcome new types of game play and innovations whether it's made by big companies or independent ones.
  • Community: We welcome anyone to play with us or against us. We also want to give back to community to showcase the many talents of our gaming community and if at all possible, offer our insight and help out where we can.